Tesco Stores Plc - Refurbishment Surveys

Over the years we have carried out thousands of retail surveys from small high street stores to giant 120,000sqft split level supermarkets. The survey brief is comprehensive and involves 4 separate surveys in one:

  • A site survey – Includes all signage, road markings, parking bays, trolley bays, landscaping, recycling areas, service yard and the petrol filling station with a measured plan of the kiosk and pump area.
  • A building survey – Includes all walls, columns, doors, entrance lobbies, chillers & freezers, offices and plant equipment.
  • A retail survey – Includes all fixtures (heights, base depths, spine widths etc), checkouts, customer service desks, signage, office equipment and warehouse racking.
  • A commodity Survey – A mod by mod merchandise survey including all merchandise codes.
The completed survey is then returned to the client with all internal areas calculated including, department, warehouse, net and gross sales areas.

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